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New Kalinago Chief to engage all sectors in development plans for Territory

Chief Sanford with a resident after the inauguration ceremony

Newly elected Kalinago Chief Lorenzo Sanford intends, together with the Kalinago Council, to engage various sectors of the Kalinago population for the benefit of the people as he seeks to improve the lives of his people.

He made this promise while speaking during the council’s inauguration which was held at the Kalinago Barana Aute on Wednesday.

“As your Chief, along with the Council, we intend to engage all sectors of the Kalinago population in consultation, and together we shall chart the new and dynamic cause for the future for our people,” Sanford said.

He plans to tap skills, knowledge, and experience of “grown men and women” in the Kalinago Territory, which they have over the years, used for their survival.

“In this modern era, they must be better organized in order to take advantage of the available opportunities provided by various agencies. Where there is none, they must be empowered to create their own opportunities and be given the support to be sustainable and to succeed,” Sanford stated.

Sandford added that the elderly in the territory also have much to offer.

“Their vast knowledge can and must be exploited in order to preserve our heritage and develop a more positive culture of living,” he said. “They too, however, will be engaged for their advice.”

However, Sanford believes that the vision, energy and creativity of the youth is a “most valuable asset” which can no longer be ignored.

“They will definitely be called upon to play a more vital role in our governance and decision-making process,” the newly installed Chief declared.

He called on Kalinago men, women and children, at home and abroad, to stand ready to play their part.

“Collectively, we have the capacity to create a bright and prosperous future for all generations to come,” Sanford said.

He exhorted all “Kalinago brothers and sisters” to offer their skills, talents and resources “when called upon to assist your Chief and Council.”

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