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The DNDDF Management Board is elected for a term of two years and consists of office bearers and representatives of its member organisations.  The composition of the Management Board for 2016/2018 is as follows:


Mr Vincent M John - Chairman  (Chair of DUKA)

Mrs Clara St. Paul - Vice Chair – (Representative of DONA)

Mr George Joseph - Treasurer – (Treasurer of DKO)

Mrs Ethelca Brand, OBE, MBE, MSA - (Assistant Treasurer –Treasurer of DONA)

Miss Marvlyn Greenaway - Honorary Secretary  (Project Officer of DASSSA)

Miss Sharon Azille - Assistant Secretary - (General Secretary of DUKA)

Miss Ruth Jeremy - Trustee (Youth Officer of DUKA)

Mr Sylvester Defoe - PRO  (Chair of DASSSA)

Mr Joseph Vidal - Trustee (Chair of DONA)​

Mr Matthew Nicholls - Trustee  (Chair of DKO)

Mrs Rose Nicholls - Trustee  (Secretary of DKO)

Dr Violet Cuffy - Project Officer (Chair of WCTI)

Mr Kennison Buntin - Project Officer (Representative of GBUK)

Ms Ursula Johnson-Green - Trustee (DSSSA)

Mr Osford Philigene - Trustee (Representative of CIF)

Mr George St. Paul - (Co-opted Member)


Her Excellency Miss Janet Charles, AG - 

(Ex-officio) The representative of Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Miss Nakinda Daniel, Third Secretary, High Commission

(Ex-officio) The representative of Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Contact Us

Chairman: Vincent M John, BA (Hons.) CMA, MA (Law), MBA, MCIPS, MCIM; FAUPO
Tel.: +44 7712 894 518


Honorary Secretary: Miss Marvlyn Greenaway, MSc;
Tel.: +44 7801 800 525


Treasury Team: Mr George H Joseph, Tel. +44 7951 176 697 Mrs Ethelca Brand MSA, OBE, MBE, Assistant Treasurer
Tel.: +44 208 992 0142


e-Mail Address:


Registered Address: 1 Collingham Gardens, Earls Court,
London SW5 0HW UK

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