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Frequently asked questions

What is DominicaFirst?

DominicaFirst.com is the new name for the DNDDF - Dominica National Development & Disaster Fund, a UK registered charity for over 30 years serving Dominica.

DominicaFirst is made up from the various Dominica focused Associations whose members and chairs make up the DF management board with the High Commissioner of Dominica serving as ex-officio.

Is this a legal organisation?

DominicaFirst is the trading name of DNDDF which is the registered name at the UK's Charities Commission. The DNDDF (Now DominicaFirst) has it's registered office at the Dominica High Commission (London) where the High Commissioner sits on the board as an ex-offcio.

What exactly do you do?

DominicaFirst under the name of DNDDF has been providing financial contributions to various organisations, groups and charities in Dominica including the Dominica Red Cross. As well as financial contributions, we also prepare and send emergency goods such as food stuff, clothing etc during times of Disaster. see more

How can I join DominicaFirst?

To sit on the management board of DominiFirst, an individual must belong to one of the associate members. Each Association based on their size, nominates maximum three individuals to be represented at DominicaFirst meetings. Board positions are comprised of those nominated and serve for two years.

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